Saturday, May 20, 2006

Warning, Will Robinson!

Dr. Zachary Smith (Johnathan Harris)

Boone Pappy insisted I edit this to include a picture of Dr. Smith, so there you have it.

My sister is here from San Diego visiting. I'm having dinner for everyone at my house Sunday night. Parents, sisters, bro-in-law, nephews, and sons. I got a headstart by making a Sawdust Salad earlier. It's ridiculous, y'all. I tasted the layers as I made them, one at a time. I bet it's fantastic all together. I've seen several recipes for it. Some have the final layer as shredded cheese, and others have it as toasted coconut. Two distinctly different flavors, and I'm torn as to which one I want to use on it. Nobody worries about the stupid little things like that better than me. Just pick one already. Jeez! I'll let you know which one I choose. I know you'll be on the edge of your seats.

I'm also making two kinds of enchiladas, beef and chicken, a Southwestern Rice Salad that I've never made before, 7-layer mexican dip with tortilla chips, and sliced cucumbers. I think I need a second refrigerator. And a bowl of Alka Seltzer standing by on the sideboard.

It's been hotter than hell in Texas yesterday and today. I think it's supposed to be that way all next week. I discovered our air conditioner was set on 69 degrees last night after it ran that way all day. It keeps resetting to 69, and I'll be dipped if I can figure out how to make it stop. It's a new-fangled, digitized, space-age, computerized, motherboard-using, bucket of bolts. Remember when Dr. Smith used to call Robot a bumbling bucket of bolts? Y'all, Dr. Smith was so flamingly gay! (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) We didn't even know what gay was back then. We all just thought he was a sissy scaredy-cat. I just looked up scaredy-cat, and it's actually in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary: "an unduly fearful person." I'm mildly disappointed that it didn't say gay. All you gay people reading this, please don't send me hate mail. I love gay people. Well, that just sounded stupid. I don't care. I'm leaving it.

Where was I? Good Lord. I somehow got side-tracked, didn't I? Speaking of tracks, there's a NASCAR race waiting for me. I have to go.

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  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Yes, I too thought Dr Smith was a ninny, then you grow up and realize he was a giant homo. Will Robinsons parents had to know and yet the kept sending Will out on adventures with him. Talk about galactic Brokeback planet. I bet Billy Mummy had some stories to tell. Maybe Major Don has some too. Lucky the robot didn't have a wiener or Dr Smith would have had short circuted him daily.


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