Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cat Vomit

I didn’t post an entry for yesterday because there hasn’t been anything going on. I worked all day Friday so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything over the long weekend. Of course, at 4:00 I got audio in. After I asked, he told me not to worry about it until after the holiday. I can’t do it though. It bugs me to know it’s sitting there. I’ll probably do an hour or so of work each day during the weekend. That should have it about knocked out by Tuesday. Could this be any more boring to read? I don’t think so. I told you nothing was happening.

The most fun I’ve had so far today was at 6:30 this morning. I stepped in cat vomit with my bare foot. Don’t you wish you lived here? It doesn’t even faze me anymore, really. I think I made a face, and that’s about it. I just learned something. I didn’t know it was “faze” and not “phase.” Isn’t it amazing that I could live 40-something years – I mean, um, 30-something years – and not know that? I’m pretty good with stuff like that too. Things like that happen all the time though. I don’t remember exactly when, but I was WAY too old when I discovered that “LMNO” wasn’t just one letter. I mean, I knew there was an L, an M, an N, and an O, but in the alphabet song it was one word to me. I’m fascinating you with my stories, aren’t I?

Gwen Stefani had her baby yesterday. I bet she's walking around with her flat belly showing next week. How do celebrities do that anyway? I've heard they have a tummy tuck right then and there after the birth. Nobody told me about that when I was having babies. Yes, the Dark Ages, before computers and cable TV and music videos. It was after disco though. That's what got me in trouble to start with. I met the father of my children at a disco. Disco was big, baby! We were some dancin' fools. Mostly fools, but that's another entry for another day.

I just talked K into going shopping with me. I guess I better drag my nasty ass to the shower and get all purdy before we go. I’m positive there will be a stop at Starbucks in there somewhere, and probably lunch too. I’ll take the camera just in case we see something spectacular to share with you. You know, something spectacularly interesting like the words to the alphabet song.


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Yes and its peace of mind not piece of mind Duh

  2. Hey! I stuck my thumb in dog puke this morning. Think we could be sisters?

  3. I Hate Cats! But I may be a little jaded since the two cats we have are THE MOST EVIL CATS ON THE PLANET!!! I came home this afternoon from hanging out with some friends and both of the cats were asleep in MY ROOM! One was in the cubby hole on my desk and the other was asleep on MY PILLOW! I think they do that because they know that I can't stand them and that their hair sends me into allergic spasms! GRRRR! But I digress!


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