Friday, February 17, 2017

I Found It...And it's Mine!

I have search for this particular teacup in this particular color for ages.

There's just something about it in this blue and white that goes to my very soul.
Is that silly to say about a cup?
Maybe so, but it's true.

I found the red and yellow one a few weeks ago and snapped them up.
Not what I truly wanted, but it was close and I feared I'd never find the blue one.

And then like magic...there it was one day on eBay.

I caught it on the very first day of the auction so I had to wait 6 agonizing days to see if someone else was going to try to snatch it from underneath me. I set three alarms on that day to be sure I wouldn't miss the countdown. I had Ken sitting at his computer at the ready in case something happened with mine. I had all the bases covered. With a minute to go, I entered a ridiculous price that I knew would not be matched if someone were to be lurking and try to outbid me at the last second. (Because that's what I do to people all the time when I want something really bad on eBay...I'm EVIL!)

Alas, not another soul bid on it. It was mine. Now I just had to wait for it to make it up here to the Land of the North in one piece. I wrote the lady and upgraded the shipping to priority and asked her to please put extra padding inside. I've received several things in the past damaged beyond repair from the post office. (The red cup above had a chip on one of the legs, for example.)

I wish I'd taken a picture of the box I received it in. OMG...she'd put it in a box that was too small so the box couldn't even be closed without taping the shit out of it. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?? I knew there was no way it had traveled all this way in that box without being totally wrecked.

To my surprise, it was in perfect condition. WHEW! I had my teacup! I finally had it!

I put it here on this little table so I could admire them.
I'll put it somewhere where it can't be knocked off and broken soon.
I live with a house full of bulls, ya know.
I walk by and smile at them several times a day.

I've seen a black one in a picture and an aqua one online from a shop in the UK, but not available for sale. I'm not sure what other colors there were before they discontinued the line. I'll keep my eye out and may or may not get other colors as I see them. I really just wanted the blue and I'm happy with that.

Sorry. That was a long, overly-dramatic story about the teacup. I can be ridiculous like that sometimes.

Still working on the brown doily.

 I saw these at Walmart the other day. Do you know what they are? They're for little kiddies to play with like giant puzzle pieces, but they are squares made of the exact material as the blocking boards you can buy (and I did buy 8 for $25).

They're the exact same thing!
Same size and everything.

You get 28 of them for $13.88!
If you need blocking boards, you can get these in the toy section at Walmart.

This is something else I've been looking for for 106 years.
I used some of this in a restaurant bathroom once.
I found it at a grocery store where we rarely shop.
I snapped up two of them cuz they were on sale 2/$5.
I bet Suave has discontinued this, but if you see it, grab it.

I opened my big mouth a couple of posts ago and told y'all how great my nails have been doing. Of course right after that I broke one three days in a row! GAH. So I cut them all off so they would be even and can grow out again. I got this Essie base coat + top coat + strengthener, and I'm still taking my Biotin and Vitamin D every day like a good girl.

I got a new rice cooker. I've had our other one for at least 15 years and it only cooked white rice. This one has a setting for brown rice and has a built-in steamer basket for veggies and such. I works great and we're happy with it.

We're having a poker party again Sunday evening and I'm making those cocktail meatballs that you make with grape jelly and chili sauce in a big crockpot, and then I'll have this big pot of rice to go with them. I'll make cookies or a cake or something for dessert.

OMG...Ken just came back from the post office. Look what he surprised me with...

An English Toffee Frappaccino...cuz he luuurves me.
He knows the way to my heart.

We have a little drive-through coffee shop in town that makes all the same drinks you can get at Starbucks. Can you believe that in this little town? Caffeine is powerful stuff. People love their coffee.

Look at the yummy salads I made for us last night.

I made them a couple of hours early so I put the veggies in a little bowl so the lettuces wouldn't get soggy. It's Romaine mixed with a bag of 50/50 spring greens and spinach.

I made my own dressing with a carrot, 1/2 an apple, about 1/2 cup of orange juice, a drizzle of agave, a drizzle of low sodium soy sauce, two tsp rice wine vinegar, and a Tbsp of toasted sesame seeds. I whirred it all up in the blender and poured it over the salads. It was good! Very different and so fresh tasting. No fat. And then we also had a bowl of brown rice and some steamed broccoli with lots of garlic on the side. 

We've been having lots of stirfrys and rice lately trying to eat more plant-based and good carbs.

I think that's all I gots for ya today. I'm going to go crochet and enjoy my Frapp.

Peace, Sistahs.
(Did we decide we like that one? I do.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

SqHAIR Bands...Hinged Headbands!

I have a Valentines gift for you, Sistahs!

When I saw these unique headbands about a week ago, I HAD to have some! Just look at these and all the colors they have.

And they fold up like glasses!

Why didn't I think of this??
I immediately went to their site and bought some.

Want to see me in some of mine? Okay...
Remember, it's the bands you're looking at, not me!
I'm not a fashion model, although I felt like one. Hehehe.

Never tilt your head down and take a photo of yourself!
Gravity will take hold, girls! Haha.
Look at the SqHAIR Band, not me.

They even look cute on Sammi!

They each came in a pretty little silky pouch.

After I received my SqHAIR Bands, I received an email from one of the owners asking me to let them know that I received my order. When I did that, I also sent an email telling them how much I liked the headbands and what a good idea it was. I also told them I was going to let my blog readers know about them. I got an email back saying how happy they were that their bands were getting such rave reviews, and if I was going to post about them, my readers could have FREE SHIPPING with the order of two pair if they used the promo code "PAMMYSUE"!

Thank you Julie and Marsha!

This is what the website says about them...

SqHair Bands are Hinged Headbands created with fashion, function & comfort in mind. They were initially created out of necessity because there had never been a hinged headband on the market. Many women have been searching for a headband “that fits like sunglasses”; a headband that can hold their hair back while allowing a relaxed hair style, a comfortable fit, and a fashionable look.  SqHair Bands are just that, they are somewhat square, due to the hinges, and have arms just like sunglasses. This is how the name SqHair Bands came about. They are so comfortable and fashionable that they can be worn all day and night!

SqHair Bands come in an array of solid Colors, Prints, and Classic Tortoise. Many are available with crystal designs on the arms, creating a glamorous hair accessory, as well as a headband! Plain Solid headbands may also be customized by the buyer.
Try a SqHair Band and ‘Join the new Headband Revolution!’

Use Promo Code: PAMMYSUE
For free shipping! ($3.99 value)


And thanks to my hand model in the video, Ken.
He refused to put them in his hair, dang it!

I went a little nutso for these.
I think I'm going to go get a white one and a pink one too.
How could I not get PINK??

Let me know if you get some and love them like I do.
Peace, Sistahs!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

No Words Necessary

Excuse the yellow snow.
There are very few places to choose from for them.


We love you.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Cabled Owl Hat and Other Stuff

My owl hat turned out cute!

The basic pattern I used was It's a Hoot! Owl Hat by Carlinda Lewis. You can purchase it on Ravelry HERE.  I altered the pattern to make it a messy bun hat. I just took a large hair band and attached my yarn to it with a slip stitch and then crocheted 44 single crochets to it and joined with a slip stitch. I made the next round a dc in each sl st and joined, and then I completed pattern as written starting with R5. I also used beads for the eyes instead of buttons. You use a method for crocheting them into your work using dental floss in a very ingenious way! Who thinks of this stuff? Not my brain!

Anyway, I had fun making this challenging project.


I ordered all these reading glasses on eBay.
Cost was about $20 including shipping.
They came as a set. They are Joy Mangano brand (from HSN).
I'm really happy with them. I like that the lenses are bigger.
They're great quality and each pair came with its own little bag.
There's even a tinted pair (top left).
Do you like (LOVE!) the little crochet tablecloth I laid them on?

It's so pretty and dainty.
I bought it at an antique mall a few years ago for $25.
I thought it was a steal. I absolutely love it.


I started taking this Biotin supplement a couple of days ago. I ordered it online. The only other supplement I take is a high-dose Vitamin D every day. It has made a big difference in my nails and my hair grows faster than before. I thought I'd try this biotin (5,000 mcg) per day for a few months and see if I notice a difference in my hair, skin, and nails. It takes months to really see a difference in least enough time for your nails to grow completely out from the cuticle. I ordered these on Amazon.

I'm continuing to love this Argon Oil from Physicians Formula.
It sinks right in and makes my facial skin so soft.


I can hardly believe it, but it's snowing really hard again right now. I'm watching it outside my window as I type this. It's crazy compared to what I'm used to being from Texas! CRAZY! If the dogs could walk on top of the snow, they could walk right over the fence. The snow is so powdery they'd fall right through the snow though at least a few feet. That's right. We have FEET of snow that's been on the ground since sometime in December. I know I keep talking about it, but I am just not used to it. I don't think I'll ever be.

Thanks to all of you who commented and let me know about the videos. I appreciate that. And I appreciated all of your sweet comments and/or emails to me when I post.

Remember, if you're asking for something from me like a crochet pattern, you must leave me your email address or I can't help you! I won't ever post your comment with your email address unless you tell me it's okay.

Thank you for reading and being so sweet!
Peace, Sistahs.