Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Around the House Some More

The Garage/Shop

Ken did the first mowing the day before yesterday after the fence was finished. It sure does look nice. You can just barely see the River in the top-right corner of this picture.

I walked down to the far back corner of our property this morning to see exactly what I could see. This is what I saw.  You can see the railroad tracks between the camera and that house, and you can see the river just to the right of that house. There are two or three horses that live in the fenced pasture on this side of the tracks.

The previous owner of this house left me this big planter with a tomato plant in it. We just noticed some ripe cherry tomatoes on it yesterday and I picked them this morning.

I washed them and picked one out to try, shook a little salt on it, and popped it in my mouth whole. OMG, sweet! So good!

The tag was in the pot. They are Yellow Pear Tomatoes.
The tree is still loaded with some that are not ripe yet.
What a nice surprise and treat.

I swept and mopped my kitchen and bathroom floors for the first time.
See how nice and clean they are? Love that 70's linoleum. Ha.
It's not long for this world.

Here she is. My sad little 70's kitchen with yellow counters.
What was with these people and YELLOW??
Obviously they liked it. Ick!

I really don't hate it like I thought I would.
It's kind of neat, really. I like the oldness of it.
But I'm not crazy or anything...it's going to be totally updated soon.
It's next after the new deck.

I did my first baking yesterday. I made a Butter Sugar Cookie recipe that was in the Friendship Cookbook I bought at a yard sale the other day. A new kitchen takes some getting used to. Every time I needed something, I'd open six drawers before I found the one with what I needed in it.

Before baking.

And after.
They're good!

Here's the recipe. Click on the picture and when it comes up in a new window, print or copy and paste into a Word document and print from there. The Word document method works best and prints faster, but if you don't have Microsoft Office on your computer, the other method works too.

A goofy picture of Fletcher.

These two deer were laying in someone's yard.
Aren't they cute? They look fake.

Tonight is Taco Tuesday at Tuk's Tavern! Can't wait to see how that is. I'll try to take some pictures while I'm there and tell you about it tomorrow. I'm a little nervous because that's just how I am about any social situation. I just have to suck it up and make myself go. I know I'll be glad I did.

See ya.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Yard-Sale Lace, Second-Hand Shops, and a Big Ol' Bitch

Look at all the lace I found at a yard sale last Saturday.

This gray piece is my favorite. Such a pretty color.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I love it.
This whole pile of lace and...

These two cookbooks were only 50 cents total!
Can you believe that. I was shocked when the lady told me.
The yard sale was at the food bank and the proceeds went there, so I gave her $5 instead.
I'd feel like a thief only giving her 50 cents!

I also got this little plate for $1 at another yard sale.
It's 5 inches across and has the hanger on back.
I think I'll hang it in my office.

I also got a set of hot rollers for $8. It was a brand-new set still in the box. I don't roll my hair very often anymore since I don't work outside my home, but I do like to roll it now and then. These were all Jumbo or Super-Jumbo size rollers, which I had been looking for. I'm so glad I didn't buy the ones I saw for $30 at Walmart.

There are two second-hand shops in town. This one has several rooms just filled with things. I bought an old saucepan when we first moved in and hadn't received all our things yet. I didn't get to look around long, but I plan to go back and look at my leisure soon. I just know there are some treasures there waiting for me.

This is the second one.
Don't you love that name?
That name makes me happy.
I'm not sure that it's even open anymore.
It wasn't open this day, but I haven't been back down that little street since.

This flyer was posted on the Community Bulletin Board at the local grocery store. It looks right up my alley. I'm looking forward to attending with a hippy skirt and sandals on. :)

Speaking of the local grocery store...

Here it is.

The side of the building with some murals showing the town in old times.

We've been there once and did a little shopping. Although it's quite expensive to shop there, it's nice to have a little grocery store in town for little things we may need that we don't want to make a 45-minute trip into the big town for. I'll shop here occasionally just to support them and keep them in business.

There's a little coffee shop within the store that also sells some hippy-dippy stuff like jewelry and candles and such. I didn't take the time to look through it when we were there, but I will next time even though the lady that ran that shopping was a raging bitch when we were there. That's right...a raging bitch! At least I thought so.

As we were checking out, Ken asked the cashier if she happened to have a bottle opener. He had bought one bottle of Vanilla Creme Soda that he wanted to drink as soon as we got in the car. She said no, and then turned around and shouted to the lady at the coffee shop asking her if she had one. Her response was a very testy one. "No, this is not a BAR! I don't keep openers so people can drink their beer!"

How freakin' RUDE! Everyone was shocked at her response and just stared at her in silence. I suppose I'll give her another chance before I write her off totally. Who needs someone like that in their life? Not me! But maybe she was just having a bad day or there's more going on there than meets the eye. Maybe her and the cashier hate each other or something. Whatever.

As we walked out, Ken said, "By the way, this is not a beer. It's just a Creme Soda." She immediately started back-pedaling saying something about how her little space would make a nice bar, but they wouldn't give her a license to sell liquor there, followed by a little nervous laughter. Again, whatever bitch. A nice man followed us out of the store and pulled a can opener out of his pocket offering it for Ken to use. Now that's more like it. Jeez.

Today is my first day back to work...so here I sit making this entry instead. Ha-ha. Yes, real life and the real world await. Sigh. I'd better get to it.

See ya.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Around Town


I went for a long walk yesterday evening with Fletcher and Sammi and stuck mostly to Main Street. It's something I promised myself I'd start doing once we got here. For one, I really need the exercise. For two, I'm trying to force myself to get out more and be more social. This is a good start, and in the end, I made a new friend! More on that later. Let's go, okay? Come on!

Isn't the Community Garden wonderful? I have no idea how it works. Can just anybody walk in and plant and tend to things? I need to stop by again when I see someone out here and find out. No one was there today.

This is a cute little bed & breakfast on the main drag, the Matteson House
I wish I knew more about it. I'm sure I'll find out. There's nothing on their website about the history of it or anything really, which is weird.

One thing there is no shortage of in this little town is churches. There are many of them of many different denominations. Aren't the hydrangeas pretty? (Look in the background of the picture and you can see the side of my house. See it just down the sidewalk?)

The Library, apparently. Ha.

Another church a few doors down.

A pretty house for sale.

These pretty flower boxes are all around town.
This one was in front of a Yoga Center.


The Community Connections Center where you can go and use the free WiFi, for one thing. I'm not sure what else goes on there yet. There was one lone teenage boy sitting outside with earphones in listening to something on his iphone. I don't even know if it was open, but this was on the door...


A real estate office. Let's take a closer look.

Pretty. That lady mannequin was kind of creepy, but just a little.
I love that ray of sunshine I captured. I didn't see it with my naked eye.


And another, the Catholic Church.
I wonder if there's a bell up there? Do you reckon it tolls?
I haven't heard it if it does.

Someone's prettily landscaped yard.

A cool house and location.

A closer look at the house. It's big!

The local tavern that's been around since the beginning of time here. It used to be closer to the river, but they moved it up many years ago by rolling it on logs up the hill. I heard that from a girl I met named Wendy who runs the little coffee shop drive-up window in town. She also said the owner, Marion, is a stickler about no cussing inside this establishment. If you are heard uttering a curse word, you must contribute to the money jar. I'd better watch myself. I could be in trouble here! Heh.

Look.  Another ray of sunshine!
There are weird mannequins in those side windows.
I wonder if it was a brothel at one time back in the old days?

Gosh, I find myself having to cut my posts shorter than I want them to be. There's just so much to show you. I wanted to include some pictures of things I bought earlier this day. Once a year, the whole town has a yard sale and Saturday was the day. We went all around town this morning meeting people and buying a few things. I'll show you what tomorrow.

Also while on my walk, I saw a lady hosing down the sidewalk in front of her house that looked about my age. I boldly walked on over, something I would never normally do, to introduce myself. She was so friendly and seemed happy that I had stopped. Her name was Susan. As I introduced myself and told her I had just moved into town and where, she got a shocked look on here face. Seems she thought I was coming over to welcome her to town because she and her husband just moved into town two days before we did! Isn't that weird? Well, maybe it's not weird in a big town, but it sure is around here. New people are rare. It seems maybe Susan's life path and mine were meant to come together at this point?

We chatted for a long time about where we came from and why we came here. Her husband is Terry, and he retired from Honeywell just prior to them moving here. We plan to meet up next Tuesday night at Kuk's Tavern for Taco Night. Yay! A new friend! It was shocked at how happy it made me to meet her and find out how similar our circumstances are.

Oh my. How fun this has all been so far! Our big leap of faith seems to be working out great so far. I can't remember when I had this much excitement for life and for what the future holds. And you know what? I deserve it. There, I said it.

More to come, friends!
If your life isn't what you wanted it to be or all you wanted it to be, go change it!
Stop waiting for it to come knock on your door and make the change for you.
It won't happen.

See ya.