Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Aurora Doily

Pattern:  Aurora, Simple Elegance by Patricia Kristoffersen
Thread:  Aunt Lydia's #10 in Natural
Hook:  1.75 mm
Size:  23 inches blocked
Started:  04/02/15
Finished:  04/13/15

Forty-two rows of loveliness!

See ya.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Brighter Day

Yes, life can be a DRAG, but let's look at some pretty things today, shall we?

Our Indian Hawthornes are all bloomed out.
It makes the backyard so pretty when they bloom.
The bees love them.
Pretty pink-ness!

Our neighbors behind us have this trumpet vine growing over their fence. They had their fence replaced a couple of years ago, and all the trumpet vine got torn down. It was massive back then. The first season after the new fence, they had a teeny-tiny bit come back and peek over the fence. It's getting bigger and spreading wider with each spring and summer.

Isn't it gorgeous? I love ORANGE flowers!

I was so thrilled to see my Rosemary had made it through the late snow and ice. She's all bloomed out with her tiny blue/purple flowers. Yep, she's going to make it. What a hardy girl she's been. She started out as a 6-inch plant from the nursery. I've used her in many meals and given many stems away for friends to use. One lady asked for a bunch to use in a bath. She said if you place several stems in a hot bath and sit in it, it cures constipation! I've never tried it, but she sounded very sure of herself.

And this is a wild raspberry vine that grows in our front beds. They're insidious and have prickly thorns and are mostly a nuisance, but they get these pretty little white flowers with a pinkish tinge.

Then, of course, there are the rose bushes. We lost two over the winter, but we have tons of buds that are about to bloom out there on the three that lived in the back yard. I can hardly wait to see them and pick a few to bring inside to enjoy.

My next post will be a BIG doily Tah-Dah! See you then.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Enough Already

One of the things I hate most are those moments that take me by surprise and a flood of emotion comes bursting out of me, tears flowing, chest aching, soul breaking into pieces. I'm usually alone, so I just let it come. Sometimes I make noises as I cry like Janie does sometimes in her sleep, a soulful moan of emotional pain. Sometimes I can't catch my breath. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't. Sometimes I'm not alone and I can't let it just come. I get a lump in my throat. I want to run. My mind panics. I just have to be strong and stuff back down. Think of something else, quick!

A lot of different things can set it off. Today it was a picture of someone's grandson all dressed up in a suit and smiling for the camera, a front tooth missing. I had already gone on to something else when it suddenly came upon me.

Just when I think I have it sufficiently stuffed down far enough that it can't escape, something brings it all back up again. I guess it always will. You can't keep love tucked far enough away. It will always rise to the top. I stuff it back down...stuff, stuff, stuff, and seal it up again with anger, guilt, and hurt. Please, can't it just be enough already?

I'll go take a mild sedative and try to calm down. A shot of whiskey sure would be good right about now. I will manage to gather myself in a few minutes and go about my day as if I'm just like everybody else. But every time I pass a mirror, I'll see the puffy eyes, a reminder of where I let myself go this morning. I'll have a slight headache the rest of the day. I promise myself I won't let it happen again. I straighten my back. My mouth sets in a straight line. My heart becomes cold again. I can go on. Until the next time.

Pammy Sue

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I Haven't Forgotten It

I haven't forgotten the hexie blanket I made all the middles for a couple of weeks back. They WILL get done, but it'll be slow-going. I'm sure I'll drag it out for months. I'm not much good at sitting and crocheting nearly 200 squares with color changes quickly or even steadily. I'll fit it in between other things a few hexies at a time. There's one more round which makes them into hexies instead of rounds, but that's the joining round so I'll wait until they've all got these last two rounds on before putting it together. Maybe. Or maybe I'll put a few together at a time. I don't much like sticking to a schedule. That's a sure-fire way to make me quit. Tell me I've got a schedule to keep for anything, and I'll tell you to stick that schedule where the sun don't shine just go to bed and put the covers over my head.

I've been working on this doily.
Twenty one more rounds!
I'm enjoying it so much though.

I finished this book yesterday. It must have been pretty good because I kept reading it wanting to see what happened. A book has to hold my attention or I'll just leave it. I can't tell you how many books I've started reading and then just trashed them.

What I really want to say I can't, just in case somebody wants to read it. I don't want to spoil it, but you might be thankful that I did. I related to it in a lot of ways because I have my battles with depression myself. The book I have has a good section in the back that gives Sylvia Plath's bio. I read that first, but maybe I shouldn't have because that set some expectations for me since The Bell Jar is a slightly embellished and disguised story of her life and the people in it. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent and all that jazz.)

It was my least favorite of the last four books I've read, but that's not a bad thing. I'm just sayin'.


That's it.
See ya.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Book and Cardamom Bread

Really, really, really good book! I finished it.
I'm on a roll with good books.
I hope they keep coming.
I'm going to start The Bell Jar next.

Have you ever bought cardamom?

I needed it for a recipe I wanted to make and the Cap went to the store for me. When he returned with the few items we needed, he told me to guess how much the cardamom was...1.75 ounces. I was shocked to learn he paid $12.44 for this at Wal-Mart! Egad!

I had seen someone's old picture on Instagram of Swedish Coffee Bread, or Cardamom Bread, and I wanted to make it. I've never tasted cardamom before and was curious. At 54 years old, it's time I tasted it! So...

I spread both loaves with an egg wash before baking.

I sprinkled sugar on one before I baked it.
I left the other one plain.

I like the sugary one best, and the Cap likes the other better.

At first I couldn't really identify the cardamom in it. While the bread was warm, it was barely detectable. I like it. The taste is slightly stronger now that it's cool, or maybe it's just because I know what I'm tasting for. I may have baked mine 4 or 5 minutes too long, but it's still GREAT. Next time I'll cut the time down to 25 minutes. I will be making it again.

I used this recipe:  Cardamom Braids


I bought the shirt I posted about yesterday here:  Rue 21

I've recently started using Instagram. I know I'm years behind! When I was getting signed up and set up, I think I accidentally sent invites to my whole address book. Oops. I didn't mean to do that. But if you're on Instagram, please look me up and Follow me if you'd like, and I'll follow you back. I need more pictures to look at because I don't currently waste enough time looking through Flickr, Pinterest, Blogs, etc. LOL.

I've gotta run. Hubby is waiting for me.

See ya.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Flowers & Books & A Shirt

These Bearded Iris came from the backyard.
There was only one Daffodil but it came inside too.
I'm enjoying them so much more in a jug on the table.
They make me smile.

That purple grape doily is becoming one of my favorites. I'm going to make it again because I want to give it as a gift. I started a large Patricia K. doily last night. (I'm sticking to one color. I learned my lesson.) I'm looking forward to seeing it grow and become something beautiful. From an ordinary ball of thread to an amazing piece of heirloom lace...it still amazes me every time I finish one that you can make something like that from a bunch of string and a metal stick with a hook on the end.

I'm feeling sick at my stomach right now.
I drank too much coffee this morning.
Ugh! That's an awful feeling.
I need to eat something alkaline to balance out all that acid.

Ollie sees y'all looking at him through the lens.
How you doin?

This book came highly recommended, so I got the Kindle version last night and started reading it around midnight. Mistake. I didn't want to put it down. It's a good one. I still have a long way to go. I'll let you know what I think after I'm finished with it. You can get yours HERE.

I also got these two books in the mail yesterday. They came from a book list I saw on Pinterest, "12 Books That Will Make You Fall in Love With Reading Again." It's the same list I got A Tree Grows in Brooklyn from. They are next in line.

I got this cookbook too...

And this one.

I looked at about half of the Summer one yesterday afternoon. What a fun cookbook. I just love her stuff. 

I saw this shirt on line a few days ago when I was looking for something completely different. The minute I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I'm wearing it today. It's super-soft and makes me feel pretty.   I even put some hot rollers in my hair today and curled it.

I gotta go eat something.
See ya.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Well, Shit

 See the dog ears shadow on the bottom-left corner?

Blocking & Drying Outside in the Sun

I'm so disappointed. This doily had the potential to be a stunner, but my color choices were a big fail. I was afraid of that the whole time I was crocheting on it. I kept thinking I was liking it better as I went on. On top of that, it doesn't photograph well, so it looks even worse here. I love the pattern, but this color combo really took away from its beauty. Hours and hours of work (play) only to dislike it so much. It's not the worst thing I've ever seen, but still. Blah!

Pattern:  A Year of Doilies, Book 3, October
Yarn:  Aunt Lydia's #10 in Bridal Blue and I don't know the gray.
Hook:  1.75 mm
Size:  Mine measures 23 inches...it's BIG. 


Wednesday, April 01, 2015

New Stuff, Old Stuff

I got some new yarn and needles yesterday. They're for a knitted vest project I'll be starting soon. The yarn is mostly bamboo and cotton with a little acrylic thrown in. It's so soft! I probably don't need this much yarn, but they only had four left so I got them all just in case. The yarn is Hobby Lobby's Baby Bee, Confection Baby in the color Naked. Me thinks this will have a beautiful drape when it's all knitted up. I can hardly wait.

Y'all were so funny with your comments about my last post and the colorwork. You must understand that I can't actually DO it yet! I can barely knit and purl with one color without bungling it all up. That was just a practice session to get me started and learning and thinking about it. No way was I actually making anything! So don't be so impressed.

I had forgotten about this crocheted blanket I made a few years ago. I came across it and dragged it out to look at for a few days on the back of a chair. It's one of my favorites. It's on my Ravelry page if you want the details. (See sidebar for link)

The new Knit Picks Catalog

I'm staring at these two pages of the new catalog this morning. I think I need to order a complete set of knitting needles and interchangeable circular thingies (so technical). I'm tired of seeing something I want to do on the spur of the moment and not having the right size needles.

See the doily I've been working on since the beginning of time underneath the catalog? It's getting really big. Five more rows to go! I'm using a smaller hook than called for and mine is still bigger than it says it should be already. It will be even bigger when I block it. The last rows are easy but long. I can't wait to see what it's gonna look like with the colors and pattern.

I moved all my succulents outside a couple of days ago. They've been inside all winter. Most of them did great, but some of them started to look sickly towards the last few weeks. They seem happy to be outside in the warmer weather and some are sprouting new leaves on their bare stems. I love my plants!

We have a rainy day today. Yay! I'm going to sit on my arse and crochet on that doily and drink coffee. I made my first batch of cold-brewed coffee yesterday. I just need to strain it and get it in the fridge. I'm pretending I don't have a job today and ignoring the inbox. I was all caught up yesterday, but now that I've mentioned that, it will be flooded. Doesn't it always work that way? Not if you don't look! Hahaha. I could never really do that because I'm too responsible, aka guilty-feeling. I suck at being a loser.

Okay, bye.